Grandparents Visitation & Custody in Minnesota

St. Louis Park, MN Family Law Attorney

Grandparents can petition the Court to grant them a visitation schedule with their Minor Grandchild at any time after the marital dissolution (divorce) of their children.  The Court will consider and may grant
the Grandparent visitation where it finds that:

  1. Visitation would be in the best interests of the child AND
  2. Such visitation would not interfere with the parent-child relationship

While Grandparents can often just work something out with their son or daughter’s ex-spouse regarding visitation with their Grandchildren without Court involvement, sometimes it is best for the Grandparent to go to Court and request a set schedule and to get a visitation schedule in the form of a Court Order.
I have handled several situations where seeking a court order establishing
Grandparent Visitation schedule was the best way to go. This typically happens where:

  • One of the parents has Chemical Dependency issues and is not on good terms with his or her ex-spouse.
  • Where one of the parents wants to leave the State
  • Where the Grandparent’s Son or Daughter is in prison and the Grandparent wants to have their own visitation schedule with their Grandchild.
  • For other reasons, the Grandparent wants to have a Court ordered Visitation Schedule that is spelled out by the Court due to strained family dynamics.

I have also successfully handled cases where the grandparent has sought temporary or permanent physical custody of the minor grandchild.  This typically arises where one or both biological parents are chemically dependent and not able to properly take care of their child at the present time.

If you have grandparent visitation or custody issues and want to look into requesting court ordered visitation or custody, Call Attorney Richard Ohlenberg for a Consultation to discuss how you should proceed at 952-525-2242.   An hourly fee will be charged for these types of initial consultations.