Lawyer for Expungements in Minnesota

Having a Misdemeanor Domestic Assault, a Misdemeanor Theft or a Felony 5th degree drug convictionon your permanent Criminal Record can make it much harder to find a job in Minnesota and pass the background check OR to rent an Apartment. 

Many of these lower-level convictions can now be sealed after a certain period of time has passed so that the public, a potential employer or an apartment manager cannot find out  about them.

Do not let a past conviction keep you from confidently applying for a job or a rental agreement.

job interview after a conviction apartment rental after a conviction

If you have completed your term of probation on an offense that you pleaded guilty to in a Minnesota Court and are now off probation, contact Attorney Richard Ohlenberg to find out if it would be worthwhile to Petition the Court to Expunge (Seal) this criminal record that has been causing you to lose opportunities for finding a better job, or obtaining housing! 

You can Petition the Court for an expungement yourself, but there is a lot of paperwork involved as well as a Court Hearing in front of a Judge or Referee and all the Agencies involved who might have a copy of your Record need to be properly served with the Petition papers well in advance of the Hearing.  So, if you want it done right, contact Attorney Richard Ohlenberg to discuss having him request the Expungement for you!   Office:  952-447-1600